Sosyal Medya Hesaplarımız


SİMKAR PLASTİK sprinkler irrigation pipes offer a system that conveys the water from the source to the field, orchards, and gardens and let the waterfall on the soil in the form of rain droplets. The pipes and fittings can be disassembled after completing irrigation in an area and they can be placed in other fields. They have been designed light and durable and also they can be easily assembled and disassembled which is required for this repetitive process.

The products can be attached together and detached practically by using the latch system.
With its special latch design, the products can be easily replaced on the field.


-Diameter: The pipes are produced in a diameter of 50-63-75-90-110-125-140 and 160mm.
-Length: They are produced in the length of 5m and 6m.
-It is produced in black by using UV additives against sunlight.
-They are light, easy to install and carry.
-They don’t get white when bent and it returns to its original diameter.
-The larger area can be irrigated in the same period by installing more springs.
-There is less pressure loss.
-It can be easily attached and detached by using its latching module.
-The product is unbreakable and leak-proof.
-There is no diameter contraction in the sprayer settings.
-The pipe is not affected by crashes.
Issues to pay attention:
-The water should be conveyed in slow flow rates at the beginning of operating the system. Therefore the main pipeline and laterals are filled with water.
-The flow direction of the water in the system should be towards the female side. This system will provide 100% sealing and reduce pressure losses.
-A strainer must be installed at the end of the pump suction pipe to prevent impurities from entering the sprinkler irrigation system.
-The gasket housing should be cleaned before fitting the gasket during the connection of pipes, and the gasket must be fully inserted into the housing. An S-trap should be used next to the Motopomp outlet. The S-trap prevents the motor’s vibration to be conveyed directly to the sprinkler pipeline system.