Sosyal Medya Hesaplarımız

Simkar Plastik Polyethylene Pipes are produced in PE 40 (LDPE, Low-Density Polyethylene), PE 63, PE 80 and PE 100 (HDPE, High-Density Polyethylene) standards in blue or black. The pipes with the diameter of 20-110 mm are produced in coils and the ones with the diameter of 125-1000 mm are produced in 6 or 11.8 m standard lengths.


– Since it is highly flexible, it can be joined out of the channel and it is not affected by underground movements. It can be used safely on the rough and moving grounds such as streams, rivers, lakes, mines etc.

– Since no molecules are allowed to access the fluid, it does not change the smell and taste of the water. Since it does not contain dirt or algae, bacteria or any toxic substances, there is no problem in its contact with food which is also approved by the Ministry of Health.

– Since it fits well to the terrain, less filling material is needed and the pipe is not wasted during installation.

– It is not affected by chemical substances, it does not corrode, and it does not wear. Thanks to the UV additive, it is not affected by the sun’s harmful rays.

– Depending on the wall thickness of the pipes at turnings, it can be twisted with the radius of 20-40 times of the diameter at 20 ° C, Therefore it causes savings in terms of time and money by requiring fewer elbows.

– Thanks to its effective joining methods (butt welding, electrofusion, coupling, flange, push socket, etc.), it does not let any come off from the joints and rupture and it ensures absolute sealing under pressure.