Sosyal Medya Hesaplarımız


Irrigation is the most important input of agricultural production. The shortage of water resources necessitates irrigation in the most efficient way. Modern irrigation systems have to be installed to use water in the most efficient and effective way. The drip irrigation system is the irrigation system with the most technological applications. The irrigation water is applied frequently in little quantities at each time just to the level of the roots of the plants, without causing stress due to the lack of humidity in the plant by the most suitable way. The operating costs are reduced to a minimum level by this system, and more yield and higher quality are obtained by maintaining the quality of the soil.

– Made from high quality original raw materials.

– Material which is resistant to UV rays is added.

– High endurance to frequent placing and removing.

– Diameter: It is produced in diameters of 16 mm and 20 mm.

 – Length: The length of the pipe with 16 mm diameter is 400m, the length of the one with 20 mm is 300m.

– The pipe which is UV resistant against the sun radiation is black